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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 16, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> god bless you. >> sean: that's all time we have left. have a great weekend. see you back here on monday. >> greta: tonight, if i thought former cia director david petraeus' testimony would clear things up -- think again. general petraeus finally telling congress what he knows about benghazi terror attack, but did his testimony get the obama administration in even more hot water? >> a short time ago, the former cia director left capitol hill after five hours of testimony, closed, classified testimony before the house & senate intelligence committees. >> general pet petraeus' briefing of comprehensive. it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> the talking points were must have more specific about the al qaeda involvement, but the final ones indicate even though it was
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clearly evident to the cia that there was al qaeda involvement. >> talking points prepared for her. >> said it was al qaeda. >> sometime between september 14 and september 16, somebody took the al qaeda element out and put the video in. >> the question we have is who made the changes and why? we haven't been able to get that answer. >> petraeus is saying, i said it was terrorism from the get go. if you did, why did susan rice go out two days later and say it was the video. >> why we need a select committee on this. >> the general had to acknowledge and none of us like this, that he got it wrong. they thought initially, it was spontaneous. >> that assessment was made soon after the attack occurred that there was a deliberate posture to this attack and there were elements of pre-planning involved. so that was available within the first 24 to 48 hours after the attack was made. >> look, this goes back to obama, he admitted in his press conference, the white house sent
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her out with the best intel we had at the time. no it wasn't. the best intel was al qaeda. but that was removed. >> greta: eric kantor going "on the record" in the investigation. back on october 27, out of the blue, he got an alarching phone call from an fbi employee about the general's extra-marital affair. we talked about the sex scandal, the benghazi and the fiscal cliff. nice to see you. >> great to be with you. >> greta: all right. this benghazi mess, fora lack of a better word, would you be in favor of a select committee instead of having several committees trying to investigate the house and the senate, having a streamlined, one select committee, investigate and get to the bottom of this? >> i know that -- i have met with our speaker and we are talking about it. i am for what is best, in terms of making sure the american people got the bottom line on
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what has happened. it's so frustrating about the benghazi situation is that the administration's story has just changed almost daily. and when you think about it, take a step back, you know, our ambassador died, others died here. this is so beyond politics, this is about our national security. this is about life and death of americans, civil servants, this is about the safety and security of our military. there it is so much here that we are going to work hard to make sure that the american people realize their right to know, that we get to the bottom of this and hopefully make sthur never, ever happens again. >> does it make sense since there are so many committees, one has jurisdiction of the cia, another with the department of justice, another with the state department, who have the same problem at the senate, instead of having all of these witnesses get called before all of thee hearings, let's do in one fell swoop and get everybody up there, everybody under oath? >> there is certainly a case to be made for streamlining that
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process. each committee has its own jurisdiction. each committee has its own expertise, staff and members, counsel and the rest. and so we are taking a look at it to see, again, want to politicize anything, but just to get to the facts. i mean, that's what is wrong here. the administration's not forthcoming and they continue to say that they have. but yet, anybody look that this situation knows at this point, no american would even believe that this was not a terrorist attack. we know that al qaeda's on the run. we know we are under continued threat by that organization, as well as many others. if you follow the money, it goes back to the state sponsors like iran, intent on using the proxies to wreak havoc, to kill americans and others. >> greta: i think, i have heard the criticism, certainly from the republican party that it is politicized. i thought it was politicized by the fact it's been dragged out so long and the information --
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it's like pulling teeth. we have gotten criticism hereof at fox news because we are trying to get the facts. it is like knocking your head up against the wall. it has dragged out now. it is two months plus. and still, as you know, four americans dead. let me ask you one other question. general petraeus, your name surfaced that somehow you got information and you passed it on to the fbi director. what happened? >> greta: well, i was contacted by an individual at the fbi who i had never met, i didn't know. he offered informs to me -- information to me that gave me pause and a cause for alarm. i had no way to corroborate the information. and certainly, the information to me... gave rise to the possibility that there was a national security issue that perhaps our cia director was vulnerable. but again, i couldn't corroborate or substantiate the information that was given it me. we were about 10 days or a few
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weeks out before the election. and i didn't want to politicize it. i wanted to make sure that national security wasn't at risk. so i turned to the person and the entit that i thought -- entity i thought best equipped to deal with that information to get to the bottom of it. that was the fbi director in his office that we know has an obligation to make sure that our national security is the priority and the fbi's also obligated to apprise congress if there is a need for or an ongoing investigation or if there is a national security risk at hand. and so that's why i did what i did. and we hope that all the facts are going to be able to come out on there thand our committees will be taking a look into this as well to make sure that the these kines of things, if cob firmed, are not repeated. >> greta: talk about the fiscal cliff. there is a divide between the republicans and the democrats.
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but the house of representatives has so many members, having taken the temperature within your party, within the house of representatives, is it going to be hard to get everybody on the same page? you have a lot of members. >> it's always hard. but democracy's not easy, but i think that in a sense, the common sense throughout the members of the republican conference in the house is, we want to focus on what's important and what this election was about to get the economy growing. you are see the speakerricerric- take a position to say, mr. president, you won the national election. we held our majority and a strong majority at that. we don't believe that raising tax rates is something that will help respond to the number-1 issue of jobs in the economy. that's why the speaker has said, revenues are on the table, but let's go becomeb that revenue, by tax reform, by filling the loophoacialtion closing the
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ability for people to perhaps benefit from some of those loopholes so we live up to the commitment that the speaker has made of the president, which is revenues. >> greta: how do we get tax reform? most people believe, 99.99% of the american people think we should have tax reform. there has been so much discussion -- forever. you are up against the clock now. we won't get the tax research between now and january 1. how do we get a commitment that really works, that really puts a hammer to all of your heads to get tax reform done within a reasonable time? >> first of all, a tax reform goal is to make iticism simpler and fairer for the american taxpayers so they don't are to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on compliance and preparation and to make it so that washington gets out of the business of picking winners and losers to the tax code. >> greta: meaning the special -- >> preferences, loopholes.
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and other sort of goodies that are handed out in washington that have resulted in the system of what many of us call crony capitalism. people are able to come in and get an advantage. >> greta: how do we get -- you everybody agrees it's bad. everybody agrees it's bad that there is special treatment. but everybody gree agreeing it's bad doesn't get it done. >> what i hope to come out of an agreement by the end of the year is a process put into place that will force us to get tax reform done. i believe we have an environment that will lend itself to us really doing that. it will be an extraordinary thing. you are right. it will not be easy. because -- you be, the federal government is still facing extraordinary deficits. i mean, we have a trillion-dollar-a-year deficit. we have to keep that in mind so that when the speaker talks
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about putting revenues on the table that in return, we actually can tell the people of this country that we are going to stop doing what we are doing and actually fwin to pay down the debt. so the tax code, i believe is the tool for us to grow. if we can implement pro-growth tax return, we will see entrepreneurs, investors put their money to work and grow this economy, create more jobs. that's -- that will be a significant piece of trying to go and manage down this debt and deficit. so all of the stars can aline if we can actually come together, set aside the differences and decide we are going to deliver a result for the people. >> greta: is there any cultural adjustment we can do within the federal government? i point to senator tom coburn released something, i forgot how many millions the defense department took, taking money away from defense weapons to
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study birds that have been extinct for a number of years and the conclusion was that they had black feathers, i love animals, i love birds, but that's waste. that's the tip of the iceberg. is there any effort as we go into fiscal cliff to really, you know, take a look at how our cult and you are how we spend monocapitol hill. >> there are a lot of ideas out there about how we reform the system, how we get rid of some of the silos of power in washington. at the end of the day, it is about making sure you get that mentality you are talking about, which is start thinking that it's your money and treat other people's money just as you would your own. that's the kind of culture that we in the house majority as republicans are trying to instill. that's what we have been about the last two years, without a lot of acceptance on the other side of the capitol in the senate or the white house. hopefully, now it's a time we can come together and say, we
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have to stop spending this money and stop wasting other people's money and make it so that we have an attitude that it is our own and that is -- we treat it as if it is our own. and stop wasting. i mean, you are absolutely right. >> matters of escalating in israel. today, there were rockets fired at jerusalem, which is a first. it's three muslim jews, christ christians and that is a target. what is our role? >> well, first of all, we as americans have a special bond with people of israel. they believe in the same things we do. they come from the judeo judeo-christian tradition and they are committed to human rights, human progress, rights of scbem minorities. we have a strategic bond because they stand on the front line against the islamic extremists
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and the terrorists in the same way that our country is vulnerable to those attacks and we have seen it. so our role as a global super power and as an ally to what i believe is our best ally in the region of israel, is that we should stand tall. we should defend israel and the court of world preponderance, whether it is in the u.n. or other international forums and insist that the real story come out. it is hamas that has been on the offensive. israel has practiced so much patience and reluctance to go into gaza, until these rockets, as you have indicated, have come into jerusalem and the escalation with rockets coming into tel aviv and other population centers there. we have an obligation. the president has an obligation, thus far, the white house has acted in a way that i believe the israelis can see that america stands by us. certainly, in the past, last couple of years, there has been
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a questions in my mind about whether where the president and the white house stand as far as the u.s./israel relationship. i am glad to see what they have said this week. i hope it holds. >> greta: talking about a -- i don't know if that gets us clocloser to a solution. i don't pretend to know the solution. but i see that egypt -- president morsi has -- has gotten involved. i see this getting more complicated, an already complicated situation, getting more complicated. does that in any way increase our obligation or is there something strategeically than to issue condemnations. >> we have also had to -- the new head of government in egypt, recognize the importance of the truce with israel that egypt has had. some of the things he has done this week are very troubling
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toward that end. you upon, he went into gaza. while he was there, hamas launched more rockets, as a direct affront to that negotiated peace between egypt and israel that. piece is essential to u.s. security policy in the region. and so we are going to have to insist and mr. morsi honor that -- >> greta: what leverage do we have with him? >> well, i mean, certainly, there is a package of aid that the egyptians are asking for right now, for giveness of debt, is one aspect of that. you know, i think that the message needs to be sent that the largess of the american taxpayers doesn't come for free. egypt has an obligation to stand by its commitments to israel, to oppose terrorist activity, as we see coming out of gaza. and now, into israel, aimed at innocent lives. and gret ai think the larger picture in the middle-east is
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really reflecking iran's -- reflecting iran's activity. we're all focusing on iran's request for nuclear weapons capability. but this also shows you iran's influence through its proxies. iran has played an active role in arming hamas, since 2008. and once israel went in there, that worked out a lot of things and there was not a lot of rocket attacks am now we see the return because iran and its ally, syria, have played a re-armament role, in terms of tens of thousands of rockets delivered into gaza that we now see the result of. so we have a real challenge in the middle-east, for sure. israel is our best ally and stands on the front lines. we have to stand tall. we have to, in the house of representatives and the senate we passed last night, a resolution and this morgue, a rez institution -- liewtionz, stabbing by israel and its right
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of self-defense. no question about it, times are tough. but we can and should stand tall. >> greta: nice to see you, thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, it is escalating, israel is moving closer to a ground war in gaza. israeli tach tanks, lining up at the border as hamas takes aim at jerusalem. dawn is about to break, as fear of a new launch of attacks. an illinois doctor and political candidate shreds obamacare to bits in a speech that went viral. but now the doctor says her fight against obamacare has cost her -- big time. she is here to tell you all about it. plus, there is big news about congressman allen west. the latest twist in the hard-fought election battle, coming up. seems they haven't been moving much lately.
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>> thousand of reserve troops in israel have been called up and israeli tanks are lining the border. today, for the first time, hamas fired rockets at the holy city of jerusalem. panicked residents fearing the sound of air raid sirens and new rocket attacks. david lee miller is on live on the israeli/gaza border with the latest. >> reporter: greta, it seems increasingly likely that there could be a ground incursion taking place shortly. in addition to the troops massing and the armored gear near the border, the area near the border, much of it has been closed. it is a sealed military interrogatory no. zone. nevertheless, in the last 24 hours, militants in gaza have fired more than 150 rockets into israel, more than half of them
7:22 pm
intercepted by the missile defense system. however, at least one of those rockets made its way to jerusalem and landed in an empty field. there were no injuries. but this development shocked and worried many israelis, many fled to bomb shelters for the first time in jerusalem in more than three decades. as for this particular rocket, hamas said it was an iranian-supplied rocket. this is the arsenal that the israeli military has tried to knock out. however tlooks like a number of these weapons remain in hamas' arsenal. also, for the second day in ary row tel aviv was hit. a rocket landed there in an occupied area and there were no injuries. but it's penitentiary to keep in mind now that more than half of israel's population, gret amore than half of israel's population, is now within reach of these rockets, fired from gaza. and lastly, on the diplomatic front, the egyptian prime
7:23 pm
minister visited gaza after the meeting. the egyptians declared their solidarity with the palestinians. in a very ominous sign during the visit was the egyptian prime minister to gaza, israel and the palestinians said there would be a temporary truce. that truce never materialized. each side, blaming the other for that failure. meanwhile, the death toll continues to mount, 29 palestinians and three israelis. it looks like more bloodshed is on the way. greta? >> greta: david lee, since many americans are new to the story. tell us what provoked this latest round, and if either side has indicated what would stop it? >> reporter: for the israelis, they say the only way that the military campaign is going to end is if there is a complete cessation of the rocket fire. it's not entirely clear what
7:24 pm
hamas would want, but a couple of issues would be an end to the blockade of gaza. they would like to have a more open border. it's very possible that these are some of the things that egypt could be trying to broker. but unlike the regime of hosni mubarak, this is now an egyptian government that is essentially aligned itself with the palestinians and -- it is difficult to see the extent to which they are going to be effective in brokering some type of a peace deal. it looks like there is a serious escalation, that's a chip the israelis may have put on the table. will they enter into gaza? that remains to be seen. but one israeli official did say the military campaign is going to continue until, quoting now -- until hamas begs for a cease-fire. greta? >> greta: david lee, thank you. of course, dawn is rising, breaking there. there is so much uncertainty about today.
7:25 pm
ever so ominous as everything is escalated over there. david lee, thank you. coming up, an illinois doctor says she lost her job because of obamacare. you will remember this doctor. she gave an electrifying speech, ripping obamacare apart. is that why she lost her job? she is here to tell you about t. congressman allen west, there is news that a judge made a ruling on his recount request. what is it? and what is the congressman's next move? >> the latest is next. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office.
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>> this is a fox news alert. there is big news congressman allen west's election night fight. conte -- tone, the st. lucie canvassing board agreeing to a full recount of the early voting. it will start tomorrow morning. the decision comes after the county officials admitted they had 304 early ballots that were never counted after a judge ruled against congressman westerlier today. the judge denied the congressman's request for a recounsel of early votes in st. lucie county, saying he did not have the authority. but it is not over, yet. the county decided to recount anyway, starting at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. we will keep you posted. now, president obama has been re-elected and obamacare is the law of the land.
7:30 pm
dr. beular is one person who is not particularly happy about it. she says she lost her job in a hospital because of her opposition to obamacare. while running for senate, she offered a very public and brutal diagnosis of the president's health care law. >> with the health care plan, we are forced to purchase and fined if we don't, which purportedly coversats least 10 million people without adding a single new doctor, but providing for 16,000 new irs agents, written by a committee which the chairman says he doesn't understand, passed by a congress that didn't read it, and signed by a president who smokes and administered by a treasury team who didn't pay his taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect by a government which has bankrupted social security and
7:31 pm
medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, financed by a country that's broke. so what the blank?! [laughter] could possibly go wrong? >> greta: did her stance on obamacare cost cirimele heredia job? now, we refereed out to her employer, metro south medical center. a spokesperson told us that hospital practice is not to comment on private personnel matters. the doctor is here. good evening, doctor. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: well, looking at the record, let me ask you, how do you do with your patients? any problem at the hospital with your patients? >> no, it's been reported to me a couple of times this week, that my patients satisfaction has been consistently high over the past number of years and my internal office audits was 96%, which is really good. i happen to be the chair of the ethics committee and i write senior articles every month and do a lot of public speaking for the hospital.
7:32 pm
>> greta: all right. so why does this private hospital eye am sure you asked them -- they decided not to renew your contract. you sat down with the ceo and what did the ceo give you as an explanation of why the contract is not being renewed? >> i didn't receive an adequate explanation. i pretty much had to precipitate for the meeting to even happen. i did bring an attorney with me because i felt very vulnerable. they insisted the attorney could not be present. so he kindly left and i was there with three people from the organization. there is no good explanation. i firmly believe and i am of the opinion that failure to renew my contract is a direct result of my being an opponent of obamacare and resonating with the american public of the viral video, which is 3 1/2 million hits at least. >> greta: why do you think that? did someone say anything? or is it -- obviously that video did go viral.
7:33 pm
we played it here and "on the record" a number ofefinitely di. it is one of the odds that you valid something so vieral and have such a good record that your contract isn't renewed or is there any other evidence or proof? >> no. we have checked all avenues. if a person wanted to bring up age discrimination or nepotism or other matters. but it really appears to be, i am a conservative candidate. you know, there are bigger organizations that own this organization and so, you know, i may be just too much of a political hot potato potential for them. that is what it appear it's. >> greta: i'm sorry. go ahead. >> no. i firmly believe it's eye result of my being an opponent of obamacare. >> greta: all right. you lost your state senate race. has the hospital -- did they object to you running for office? >> they never clarified either
7:34 pm
way, though a statement was made this week that they would have -- i would have probably been there -- because he said, if i was elected as senate, they would have been glad to have a senator in the hospital. but i don't know if you wanted to discuss a moment, you know, what actually did happen in illinois. i wanted to throw out just a perspective of we ran a superb campaign. i wanted to give a couple of points, if you want to discuss that. >> greta: go ahead. >> number 1, i think it is a severe partisan redistricting of what happened in illinois. we used to be a red state in the 80s, now it's a blue state. i being we were ow-funded 3-1, thanks to madiggan and unions and trial lawyers and private pacs. i think the g.o.p. needs to present real solutions, not just talk about who we should fire. that can be part of it. but we need the real solutions. we need to stop being ashame ashamed of being a conservative platform. the g.o.p. has become spineless.
7:35 pm
and you know, it's like we have -- we are too weak to speak. we need a voice and i have vocal cords. i believe the message that, you know, traditional values and limited government. the democrats did an excellent ground game. they had 3 years to register millions of voters and they did a really good job of that. >> greta: all right. we have only 30 seconds left. i am curious, the hospital that didn't renew your contract, privately owned. do they have any financial problems? would that be a reason to let you go? or are they doing okay? >> i believe they are doing okay. you know, they just hired a young doctor two weebs ago. >> greta: are you going to file a suit about this? i mean, it is not like you were fired. they just didn't renew your contract. is this the end of it? or is there more action for the hospital? >> i think it remains to be seen. they are definitely not being
7:36 pm
considerate, reasonable or cooperative at all. and so, there are more things to be said on this matter. and i also want to add, if you are interested in my political interests, for the future, you can't deny destiny. i think you know when you are meant to be in public office. so kicontinue to pursue acting in medicine and wanting to be of service to the public. >> greta: doctor, thank you, we will be watching to see if anything develops on this. >> thank you very much. >> greta: coming up, senator john mccain and other leaders calling for a select committee on benghazi. and tonight, senate majority leader harry reid has an answer for them. and he is not mincing words. his answer and our political panel, coming up. in two minutes, it has happened it all of us. we all hate. it our email address exposed sun a mass distribution list. there is big trouble ahead. that's two minutes away.
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[ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> greta: an office worker just learned the dangers of sending out cc. he is the spokesman for the taliban. he was trying to email a press release, but he made a critical mistake, instead of a blind copy to hundreds of people, he just cc'd everyone, so instead of hiding recipientings, he exposed them all t. included mostly journalists, but there was an afghan lawmaker, a dangerous afghan warlord and other dangerous people on the list. one person says it's want reassuring for his safety. in case you are wondering, the taliban re-- routinely send press releases. back in 2. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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irchtionz senate majority leader harry reid takes on john mccain. but first, let's go to the newsroom and marianne rafferty with the headlines. >> hi, gret a. two workers are missing after an oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. four people are seriously hurt. workers used a cutting torch. the flames have been extinguished and there is no leak. this is one day after b.p. agreed to criminal charges a a record-setting $4.5 billion settlement in the previous disaster. hostess is going out of business, after years of struggling with management, turmoil and rising labor costs. the maker of twinkies and wonder bread announcing the shutdown today, after a union rejecting pay cuts and changes in health
7:43 pm
benefits. now back to "on the record." >> greta: harry reid telling senate republican leaders, no, rejecting a request for a watergate-style select committee to investigate the benghazi attack. earlier, john mccain led the charge for a special committee. but in a letter tonight, senator reid saying there are plenty of committees investigating benghazi and he took aim at senator mccain, saying he missed one of those committee meetings. joining us, susan frichio, and the chicago sun times, lynn sweet. lynn, first to you. what do you think? >> i think there is plenty of panels investigating what happened. it needs to be investigated. but you don't need one more. john mccain has staked out this territory for weeks now that he thinks the obama administration is incompetent. we know his stand when it comes to libya. let the other committees do their work.
7:44 pm
i don't think a watergate-style hearing will necessarily advance -- >> greta: i disagree. there is too much duplication and we have people coming at six hearings. i would rather streamline it. susan, what do you think? >> when have you six different committees, they're often unable to share information. the spell gent committee can't talk about the classified hearings. so mccain's point, if we have one place where all of this information can be centralized, we can get to the bottom of this faster. this is four americans who were killed. this is not -- this is worse than watergate because people died -- the question that the republicans have, why -- why aren't democrats agreeing to a specially committee. >> i think no one says it's not serious. i think that is a distraction from the point. sometimes i think congress -- there is -- there is a regular order that sometimes in the mess that you are talking about has its own intelligence that comes out of it, different committees
7:45 pm
take different angles and members and it lets more members be involved. if you want to show the concern, then having these multiple committees and hearings throws more of a spotlight than one. i think we could articulate here, everyone cares and everyone is concerned about the tragic deaths. >> greta: now, i don't if it's a tie. >> if it is a tie i am going to come in on lynn's side on this -- >> greta: now it is a tie. >> now -- my point about this is, i think people actually decide on the merits are people in congress looking into these matter when is are very serious, in good faith? or are they not? adding one more committee doesn't do anything to change that fundamental question. >> greta: i didn't think it added one more, i thought it was instead of it? >> why will instead of be better than -- i don't get the reaction -- >> greta: armed services does the defense department. foreign relations does the state
7:46 pm
department -- >> there is so much redundancy right now in the congressional committees. on another day, if you want to devote three shows in a row to how reorganize congress -- [overlapping dialogue] >> greta: we have a lot more on the same topic. >> the point is, this committee system is full of redundancies, you have the probes committee, going over everything with the probes on the subs, discussed in another committee. i agree that it sometimes there is overload, but for the very reason of the seriousness of this issue, i don't think you can have an overload on this whairks about the fact -- did it bother anyone that the hearings are behind closed doors? do you think efers was classified? >> that's a dilemma that you are always in with intelligence matters. on the one hand, we have it behind closed doors and politicians tell people our
7:47 pm
business, what someone saiduf they gloss it up in a way that favors them, naturally enough and we don't know what the truth is of the testimony. now, if you have it out in the open, then the people who are in sensitive roles can't speak candidly. >> it is hard to believe that everything hads to be as closed as it was. >> it gets selectively leaked, too. >> greta: you know what i would like, in the criminal, it's open, and if somebody comes up that has to do with national security, they leave and do in privacy. it's easier to put everything behind closed doors and we don't get the information and we hear the selective dissemination. straight ahead, a christian publishing company versus the obama administration, a battle with a contraception mandate. tonight, there is a winner. find out who won, and why. that's. no -- that's next. [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
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>> greta: the cushion publishing company takes the obama administration to court and win, suing the department of health asmg afhuman services ever the contraception mandate, arguing that it objects to provide employees with certain contraceptives, today, a judge sided with the company.
7:52 pm
i thought -- we weren't going to hear more about this. everyone thought that obamacare is in the rear-view mirror. that's not true. >> this is one of the key battleground areas of obamacare. i don't think we are going did see less of it, i think we are going to see more of it. now that it's the law of the land, it is going on move forward now, in places religious institutions that have to start, you know, selling -- paying for contraceptions are going to start fighting this. i think you will see more, especially if this injufnghtion moves forward, people will be emboldened. this person sells bibles, it is not the catholic church. so it's a for-profit, private company. i think you might see more cases like this, going forward. >> it's interesting. they say in the -- in the chicago -- the suburban bible publishing company, they say that this -- this mandate for contraception coverage substantially burdens their
7:53 pm
religious exercise and the government puts substantial pressure to them to modify their behavior. i think when hhs decides to fight back and they really haven't to date, on this, i think they will make an augustment that no one is trying to modify their religious beliefs, they will point to a carved-out exemption that will show that. >> greta: it's harder to win, once -- this is a preliminary injunction. it's hard if you have lost to win it on the injunction. they are probably going to go back -- [overlapping dialogue] >> it is against hhs. but it also shows, this -- this lawsuit was just file aid month ago in october. so iing would expect... -- i would expect many of these to crop up. as soon as anyone figures out a way to challenge the law, if not this way there, all kinds of plaintiffs that would be willing -- >> greta: for lawyers. >> i think it will be something that lawyers will be fairly excited about. i would seriously question how much of a willingness there is on the political side to fight
7:54 pm
the battles again. obviously the affordable care act was enormously exhausting and enormously bit ber battle. it has become the law of the land now. certainly, there will be religious conservatives, like in this case, who will want to challenge the religious. but the idea of getting into all of this yet againism the beauty is that it will be up to a court. you can have the separate silos now, that's the beauty of this. say, okay, congress, go do something else. we are going to try to find a legal way to moif modify it, especially on the contraception issue. >> it wasn't the judge acknowledged the fact that it does cover some contraceptive. they do some. what he did with the morning-after pill. that was the contraception. >> and it's interesting -- >> they're self-insured. >> that seems a key point there. they are not talking about insurance companies providing a plan. it is them, providing the insurance insurance, which seems
7:55 pm
to be a significant distinction. >> this will be after the court of appeals and d.c. circuit and onward. >> we talked about the efficiency and congressional hearings, if there are other cases like it, they can consolidate. >> you don't like the consolidation, i like it. i think -- >> no one size fits all. >> greta: all right. general petraeus, any thought about general petraeus today? >> wow. it would have been great to have that one in the open. >> greta: anything else. >> i think it's amazing the way they snuck him in and out of theical dispol we didn't get one shot of him. they really gave him cover. >> i think that was unnecessary. do regular order and let it go. >> greta: coming up, as you get ready to hit the road for the holiday, why might you be paying more for gas. you might be surprised. that's. no [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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